How to SAVE Money by Spending More Money on Your Health|自分の健康にお金を使ってお金を貯める


We all have different priorities in life and choose where we spend our money based on our past experiences, present situation and feelings, and future goals. These priorities may shift over time, too. For example, 4 years ago, I spent the majority of my money on leisure activities with friends. Now, I spend the majority of my money on education and my business. It's not necessarily a matter of "right" or "wrong". I'm simply have different priorities in my life at the moment.. and that could change tomorrow as well! We are constantly evolving.

Like our spending habits, we all have different saving habits and prioritize in which areas of our lives we choose to save as well. I'm just going to say this... I am an EXPERT when it comes to grocery shopping. I know which stores have the best deals, which vegetables are cheapest, which meats on sale aren't terrible tasting, etc. However, the more I study and research nutrition, the more I realize how much food quality has an impact on your health and overall well-being.

So if you're like me and tend to cut corners when it comes to food, nutrition, health.. I highly encourage you not to!

You are worth investing into

I thought to myself "my life is fine", "I don't need the best of the best" and I really couldn't think about spending money on something that wasn't tangible or I could see immediate effects from. What I found once I made my health and wellness a priority is that not only does it affect all other areas of your life, but the more you spend, the more you could potentially save!

I know that sounds counterintuitive but hear me out. By spending money on your health and nutrition you may:

  • Have less visits to the doctor saving you money on medicine, the visit, transportation, taking time off work

  • Save money on makeup because your skin is clear and is glowing from the inside out. You also feel more confident

  • Perform better in your career and get that well-deserved pay-raise

  • Give more love to others and get more love in return (priceless)

  • Spend less money on energy drinks, random cravings, random hair/skin products, escaping reality, and other things that don't add value to your life and aren't aligned with your goals

  • Not have to spend money on adult diapers, a nursing home because you are going to be a healthy and thriving grandma/ grandpa!!! (ok, getting a little wild with my point now haha)

  • ETC!

For far too long, I felt that prioritizing my own health and wellness was selfish. What I found is that by prioritizing yourself, everyone benefits because it allows you to better

show up to the world. It's your job to do so do the responsible thing and look after yourself 🌟

You deserve it. Love you.








  • 医師への訪問回数が減り、医療費、訪問費、交通費、休みの時間を節約できます

  • 肌がすっきりとしていて、メイクの費用を節約できます

  • 仕事でより良いパフォーマンスを発揮し、それにふさわしい給料を手に入る

  • 他の人にもっと愛を与え、見返りにもっと多くの愛を手に入れましょう(価格なし)

  • エネルギードリンク、ランダムな渇望、ランダムなヘア/スキン製品、現実からの脱出など、人生に価値をもたらさず、目標に沿っていないものに費やす費用を減らす

  • 健康で繁栄しているおばあちゃん/おじいちゃんになるつもりなので、おむつや特別養護老人ホームにお金を費やす必要はありません。 (OK、ポイントが少しワイルドになった笑)

  • 等!

あまりにも長い間、自分の健康とウェルネスを優先することが利己的だと感じました。自分を優先することで、誰もがより良い 世界に現れなさい。そうすることは責任があることをして自分の世話をするのはあなたの責任です🌟

あなたはそれに値する。Love you.



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